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Our BPO agents are available 24/7/365 to deliver quick responses to your clients. Be it weekends or weekdays; we are here to handle your calls and keep you connected. 

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From cold calling to B2B telemarketing to help desk support, we provide professional call center solutions to businesses of all scales and sizes with exceptional customer satisfaction rates.

Affordable Pricing

We offer highly affordable outsourced call center pricing plans. Our budget-friendly shared call center solutions suit businesses of every scale and size.

Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

1- About this Policy:

Our VoIP Acceptable Use Policy is designed to secure the integrity and quality of VoIP services and to provide them to all customers with equitable access. Our services are not for the use of any illegal activity, abusive purpose, fraud, or any involvement that may interfere with high-quality CommunicationVoip services or damage our customers’ property. CommunicationVoip reserves the right to immediately terminate your services if we find any other purpose of using our services that is illegal or prohibited use according to our agreement. If we believe you have utilized our services for an unlawful purpose, CommunictionVoip is allowed to forward the relevant communication and other information, such as your details to the appropriate authorities for further prosecution and investigation. Additionally, you will be responsible for the applicable fees or charges according to the damage caused by you to our reputation.

3- Excessive Use:

The Fair Use Policy’s excessive use aims to recognize those customers who buy residential plans but use them for commercial purposes. It may place unsustainable demands. Regularity of calling allows us to identify if services are used for commercial purposes. In case, your VoIP plan uses are excessive, you will be contacted by our team via email, phone, or other contact details. 

5- Security and Privacy:

CommunicationVoip does not allow customers to communicate or share login names or passwords with any third party. In case of compromise, you shall notify us. Contact our support team if you forget your password or lose it. Our customers are responsible for all their phone traffic. If we find any malicious traffic on your system, CommunicationVoIP reserves the right to block the services or may involve disconnecting or suspending the account until the problem is resolved. In case you are not aware of such traffic, we will work with you to resolve this issue and restore your services.

2- Prohibited Uses or Inappropriate Conduct:

  • Transferring any content that may be misappropriate or go against the domestic intellectual property rights or third parties. 
  • Any activity that is harassing, threatening, deceptive, malicious, tortious, or obscene of another’s privacy.
  • Violating any foreign law for transmitting data exported through our services.
  • Using a fake Caller ID or header attempts to mislead others using our services.
  • Using our services for sending unsolicited messages, including email, voicemail, faxes, SMS, etc.
  • To use our services in a way that may interrupt third-party rights or interfere with our services provided to other customers.
  • Collecting information of others without their consent, such as email address, etc. 
  • Attempt to store PHI on a temporary basis using our services.

4- You Should Agree With:

Our policy describes that you shall be solely responsible for sending and storing data through our services using your account, and you shall not try to access our services in an illegal way or using other accounts. You will abide by all applicable CommunicationVoip policies and agreements to use our services. 

6- Revision to our AUP:

CommunicationVoip reserves the right to change, modify, or add this Use policy at any time to ensure that the policy is up-to-date and relevant to meet the needs of customers.

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